This would be a great place to put all your company news and information. The box will expand as you type all your text or decrease if you need to have less content.

This template allows you to:

bullet Download a prebuilt site to your machine
bullet Add and delete pages to the navigation with ease
bullet Change button and banner text with ease
bullet Customize page content to suit your needs

Publish to your FrontPage-enabled host with the click of a button

Changing Button Names

The names that appear on navigation bar buttons are dynamically generated by FrontPage based upon the names that appear on the page icons in the Navigation View flow chart. You can change the names to suit your needs provided the names are brief enough to fit on the button graphics.

To change the names on navigation buttons:

bullet Switch to FrontPage Navigation View.
bullet Right click on the page icon that represents the link you wish to change.
bullet Type a new name
bulletRight click in the blue area, and selecting "Apply Changes."

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