This would be a great place to put all your company news and information. The box will expand as you type all your text or decrease if you need to have less content.

This template allows you to:

bullet Download a prebuilt site to your machine.
bullet Make changes to template files for updates.
bullet Customize page content to suit your needs.
bullet Learn and practice a bit of CSS.

Publish your completed site to your host.

Using Cascading Style Sheets:

This template uses a Cascading Style Sheet to set the font sizes and attributes. This makes the process of setting site-wide font attributes very much simpler.

To edit the style sheet, simply go to you Site Files dialog, and double click the file style.css. The A: tags specify the look and feel of link text. I normally keep the style the same for links, active links and visited links. The A:hover tag specifies how the link looks when the mouse is held over it, and here I have specified a color change. (Please note, Netscape 4.x ignores the hover tag).

The TD and P tags specify the characteristics of body text. To keep a consistent feel across Netscape and Internet Explorer, these should be kept the same.

Customization You can probably make all the changes you need to this template yourself but if you require any custom work or professional help, please contact Andy at and he'll send you a quote for the work you require.

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