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Creating a navigation image

We strive to provide information that will be useful in building your site from our templates. One of the questions we've been asked is "How do you do what you do?" This tutorial will assist you in making the rollover images from the blank gif files received in the template package, so that the text has perfect placement. The screenshots were taken in Photoshop but the instructions are very similar for all Paint Shop Pro and Fireworks. If there are significant differences for a particular program, they will be noted.

Paint Shop Pro

One Opening Both Blank Images

Open both the blank images. The easiest way is to Control-Click to select both at the same time.

**Fireworks: The fastest way is to import multiple images. File> Open Multiple> select an image> Add. Continue to select images and Add for each image you will need. Click Done.

Example One


Example Two


Go to Image>Mode and make sure RGB is checked. It is quite likely the image will open as "Indexed", so just click on RGB.

**Paint Shop Pro: Go to Colors>Increase Color Depth>16 Million


Two Merging Two Images into One

Now that both images are open, we will need to merge them into one image to work with them. In Photoshop, you can hold your mouse over the layer until it highlights and then drag the layer to the second image. Note: in the screenshot below, we are dragging the green image to the blue.

**Paint Shop Pro: You may use the Layers Palette and drag the layer to the second image also.

**Fireworks: In Fireworks before combining the images, you will need to create the layers for them in the layers palette. There is a New/Duplicate layer icon at the bottom of the palette, or you may click the little arrow at the top of the palette to display a menu of options.

Click on the eye next to Layer 1 and the image should no longer be visible. Click on Layer 2 and drag the second image into the document.


You may double click on the layer in the Layers palette to give the layer a unique name.

Now you should have one image with two layers. The screenshot below shows the blue image on the right having two layers, as seen in the layers palette.. You may now close the first image without any need to save it.


ThreeAdding Text

The next step is to begin adding text layers. Carefully following the below steps will allow you to have text that is placed consistently when you are ready to save each individual image.

Click on the Text Tool on the toolbar. On the options bar, choose the font face you want, and set the color, size and alignment.


Click on the image to type your text. Photoshop will add the text as a new layer. It is a good idea to start with the text that will be the longest in your navigation bar. If it isn't quite the right size you can easily make those adjustments now, as well as the alignment on the image. Once you have this one text layer all set, you will be ready to make the additional text layers.

**Paint Shop Pro: Make your new layer first by going to Layers>New Vector Layer. You will be able to give the layer a name at this time, and using the text that will appear on that layer is a logical name. Click on the text editor icon, then click on the image document. The text editor will open. Type the word(s) you want on your button, adjust font, size, color, kerning. Click OK to close the text editor.

**Fireworks: Make a layer for a button name and label the layer to match the text that will appear. Add text in the same manner as Paint Shop Pro.


Four Additional Text Layers

To make additional text layers, you will go to Layers>Duplicate. Or you may right click on the first text layer and choose duplicate. At this point PhotoShop will name the layer as a copy. For organization, it would probably be a good idea to right click on the new layer, choose properites, and name it according to what the new text will be.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the actual image above the layers palette looks a little jumbled. This is because all the text layers are showing at one time, with only the green layer hidden. You may find it easier to work with some of the text layers hidden.

For our example, we've also added a text layer with a Webding being used to display an arrow, which on our layers palette shows as the number 4.

Five Saving the Images

Now that the text layers are all made, it is only a matter of showing and hiding the layers to make each button. In our first screenshot below, the blue layer is visible and also the text for "Our Company", shown by the "eye" icon in front of the layer. The rest of the layers have been marked as hidden, shown by the lack of the "eye".


Now go to File>Save for the Web... and then choose the settings that will give your image the best file size. Often the color level can be reduced to 16 colors for navigation buttons, resulting in quick loading buttons.

**Paint Shop Pro: To save the images it is File>Export>Gif Optimizer

**Fireworks: Click the export icon.

For the second button, just change which layers are visible. The screenshot below now has the green layer, the same "Our Company" text and the Wingding arrow visible. Go to: File>Save for the Web.. and optimize and save the second image.


Six Remaining Buttons

Follow the same show/hide layers procedure to make all your remaining buttons. Since the text layers were made by duplicating a layer, the text placement should be exact.

One final tip: save your image file as the native format for your graphics program, which will retain the layers, so you can easily add more layers if needed in the future.

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