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Frontpage include files

Most well-designed websites have areas that are repeated from page to page. These would include header areas, navigation bars, information boxes, footers, etc. Occasionally, changes need to be made in these areas. There is a wonderfully easy-to-use component in FrontPage to make those changes appear on multiple pages when the change is made at one location. This component is called an Include Page, or sometimes for short, an Include.

What about Shared Borders? Although many people use and appreciate Shared Borders, they are not as flexible and easy to control as Include Pages. They accomplish essentially the same thing plus do more. Includes can be used anywhere on a webpage. The Include Page is the component we recommend.

FrontPage Include Pages

Include Pages are most effective when used in a layout done in tables. When planning your layout, you may wish to leave cells open in which to place your Includes.

1. Open a new page.

2. Design the portion of your page you wish to use as an Include Page. It is a good idea to center the contents of an Include Page if it is to be centered in a table cell. You may build an Include page in a table if it is advantageous. It is not always necessary.

3. Save the page, assigning it an appropriate file name.

note File names should contain lower case letters, numbers, hyphens, and/or underscores. They should not contain spaces.

cat.htm, Cat.htm, and CAT.htm are not the same file. Writing file names in all lower case letters will help keep things in order.

4. On the page in which you wish to insert the Include Page, place your cursor in the cell or on the page where you wish the Include to appear.

5. Go to Insert > Component > Include Page > browse to and select the new Include Page you just designed > OK > OK. FrontPage has a tendency to add a space below the Include Page. Just hit the delete key and it will disappear.

6. Insert the Include Page into each page in which you wish it to reside.

question FAQ - How do I make the color of the column on the side of my page reach all the way to the bottom?
Set the color of the cell background in which you are placing the Include Page.

This question is commonly asked regarding Shared Borders. See how easily it is accomplished with Include Pages? It cannot be done with Shared Borders.

Modifying an Include Page

To update or change an Include Page, open the page by double clicking on its file name in the Folders List. Make any changes and save. The changes will occur throughout the site where that Include Page was inserted.



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