This template allows you to:

  • Download a prebuilt site to your machine.
  • Add and delete pages with ease.
  • Customize page content to suit your needs.
  • Publish your completed site to your host.

Instructions - Adding new pages

  • Firstly, define a new site in Dreamweaver for the template.
  • Go to File -> New From Template, and select the Main Template.
  • The body section has been defined as an editable region. You can make changes here for your new page.
  • To make "site wide" changes, simply open the Templates/Main.dwt template, and make your changes there for the headers, footers and navitation.
  • On saving the template, you will be given the option to update all pages in your site with the changes.
  • The news and specials sections are library items so you can add them where necessary.


You can probably make all the changes you need to this template yourself but if you require any custom work or professional help, please contact Andy at and he'll send you a quote for the work you require.

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